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A premium selection of treats in a variety of delicious flavours. From our signature chocolate cupcake topped with heavenly buttercream to the red-velvet cupcake with the smooth and silky cream cheese frosting, choose the one that catches your fancy.

Pineapple Cupcake <br>(Box)</br>
Pineapple Cupcake <br>(Box)</br>


Pineapple Cupcake

Bursting with the pineapple flavour in every bite, these soft and buttery cupcakes will have you dreaming of a tropical paradise.

*Cost per cupcake: Rs.60/-

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1. For same-day pick-up, the cupcake & munchkin orders have to be placed on or before 12 pm and they will be ready by 5 pm.

2. Any order after 12 pm, will be ready by the next day. The minimum order has to be 12 numbers.

3. All orders have to be picked up from the store. We don't have a delivery service.

4. We are closed on Sundays.